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To Download the latest GP Target Spreadsheet please click on the link below, select "Save As" and then "Download a Copy"



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I hope you find this spreadsheet and methodology useful. This is free to anyone that wants to use it and will work with any management system that can produce an accurate Gross Profit figure. 

If you have any questions or feedback then I would love to hear it. You can contact me here

Thank you. 

Disclaimer - GH Launch take no responsibility for the accuracy of this spreadsheet, all figures produced are an estimate. 


Lawson AutoTech

Game changer - you THINK you have everything covered, you know exactly what your business is paying out each month right? WRONG!

Having such detail in the GP spreadsheet I found many “small” things we didn’t factor into monthly costs


The staff wages calculator is invaluable, a slight tweak to a salary gives you an immediate new daily target to hit, and a pay rise request can be sorted within minutes. The equipment needs in any garage are never-ending, a loan or a lease cost can be added again allowing an instant decision, no need to ring the accountant or have sleepless nights about can we afford it?

Fife AutoTech

Before I would just look at the bank account daily, weekly monthly, and as long as it was going up I was happy, but how do you then plan for a big spend like expensive equipment or in my case expanding into a bigger workshop, I was running blind. Now we can look at the figures and make decisions based on raw financial data. Absolute game changer

RS Autotechnik

When an outgoing changes or a new one starts it gets added to it, thinking about taking new staff on, you just change the figures and you know straight away if it will work financially. It took us just a Sunday afternoon to fill it in. And now it takes minutes to make any adjustments.

Every business should use this.

It makes you feel that you are in charge of your business not the business in charge of you!

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